Badass Memes… 

Unfortunately this is the matrix model most people operate through especially corporations. It’s called ‘up sell’.

Pharmaceuticals keep you coming back for more drugs to compensate for the drugs they already gave you that caused side effects. In fact one way or another that is how corporations rule.

Corporate people have no interest in your health or wellbeing only how much money they can squeeze out of you.

When I created my first website I was advised not to recommend anyone and to keep people on my page. That was what my designer had been trained to do.

No one person can help with everything. We are a synergy, if we start working together instead of calculating our bank balance and up selling for our own gain and start putting people first instead of our bank balances then not only do we provide a much better service but we also begin to align with those that are vibrating at the same level.

A good healer will not try to keep you to themselves – they will be focused on what will be the biggest benefit to your healing.

Nutritionists, Coaches, Psychologists, Detoxes, Doctors, other healers with other abilities…

When I finally finish what I am doing and update my website – those that work from heart and care for their clients will be on a recommended page.

That may take a while but evolution and wellbeing and us as humans come first.

Gifts and abilities do not belong to the ego – there is a higher much more evolved energy that runs through us that is way more intelligent than our little human minds. It belongs to no one and neither does this earth or the politicians, and “leaders’ that claim to be protecting us whilst starting wars against each other, line their pockets with taxes that continue poverty and generally think that they have something special to share which is only for themselves.

Every soul is precious including all in habitants on this planet – It’s time to drop the greedy, the entitled and start working together to make this world a better place.

Harmony doesn’t come from me, me, me – it comes from we, us and how do we do this? Those connected to their hearts and souls – all of us unique will get this.

Lets not follow the system but start creating unity and working together.