Badass Memes… 

Energy vampires… soul suckers. I love The Celestine Prophecy for putting it into 4 simple categories of which an energy vampire is usually a combo.

1. The intimidator: also known as bullies, using force or physical strength to scare their targets into submission they then feel powerful and also suck your life force.

2. The interrogator: also a bully using criticism and finding fault with their targets to create doubt and insecurity so they can feel better about themselves. The sneaker versions like the passive aggressive technique where they may even try to convince you they are helping you. That’s not help its manipulation and coercion.

3. The aloof: those that hold back information or stone wall. The silent treatment forces their target into blaming themselves, wondering what they did wrong and running after them ‘trying to make things better.’ Not to be confused with walking away and saying no to bad behavior or needing time for yourself.

4. The poor me. Living in a time where victim consciousness is at an all time high these ones use their dramas, sicknesses, awful life circumstances to drain their targets of sympathy, empathy and attention whilst never seeking true change or growth. Probably the most common.

When we are low in energy and life sucks we have all been guilty of falling into old patterns but an energy vampire either isn’t aware they are using other humans to suck energy or they don’t care. That’s the difference. They lose one human they’ll instantly find another to feed from and the story continues. An aware human will seek change and growth in their life so their toxic behavior doesn’t affect other people.

5. (I added) Sexual predators AKA love bites. That subject is so huge it needs a page of it’s own.

When we are connected we are in our power. Our connection, our hearts, energy system keep us vibrating from essence. It can be a simple as watching a sunset, a yoga class or time at the gym, creating, meditation or just a beautiful hug from gorgeous people or animals – things that fill you up rather than take you down. In my case a shit load of therapy also where I found time, a place and used it constructively to take care of my own emotional needs.

Those that shine bright will always attract those that want that energy until they have learned they had it all along. We have been taught to look outside for validation, comfort, acknowledgment when really it’s turning within because you are your own source of power. Anything else lasts a short time until you look for another fix.

You cannot fix, help or change an energy vampire until they are ready to help themselves and they have to do it themselves . You can save your heart and time for those that value and appreciate, need a little love in their life and most of all you.



EnerGy VamPires!!