Badass Memes… 

Birth Bumps – a deeper explanation. For a start they are far more common than you know. The purpose of Matrix birth bumping is to place more aware, higher embodiment souls into a hostile, traumatizing upbringing so that the damage is done during childhood.

Birth bumps are then subjected to isolation, abuse and trauma during childhood that then keeps them locked in suffering throughout their lifetime unless they seek healing and feel the call to reclaim their power and soul.

Many don’t make it because they are so lost. You could walk past them homeless in the street, many end up in institutions medicated for insanity, in prison for refusing to conform to a system and continuing the pain and suffering on others because this matrix system wipes our memories.

We forget who we are & are locked in an internal prison within our minds. Parents can also be birth bumps that lost their way. They can also be born into the wrong bodies (transgenderism) although there is also another agenda around this being enforced by the matrix system – another subject.

It’s the same feeling as the non-human souls, isolation, loneliness, misfits, misunderstood and a deep feeling of being homesick for something they can’t remember.

Those that aren’t birth bumped and make to a conscious loving family find it much easier to step onto their soul mission and help raise the consciousness of this planet. Love those guys.

Just another update on the games of the Matrix system – lots of love Abi x



BiRth BumpS!!