Badass Memes…


Loyalty – some people just have it and others just don’t. The thing is if loyalty isn’t present in a friendship then there is no trust because the two go hand in hand.

Loyalty is having someones back. It’s about giving a shit about how someone else is doing and feeling. It’s about considering someone else as well as yourself.

Loyalty can mean different things to different people but the core ingredient is that the people you choose to have in your life are ones that you know you can trust.

When loyalty is absent or you place your trust in the wrong people then ultimately at some point you will be betrayed. Betrayal hurts.

Sometimes it’s a miscommunication or some kind of misunderstanding that can be cleared and take friendships to deeper levels. Most of the time though it means you placed your trust in the wrong person.

Do you need to talk about that? Do you need closure? Or is it better to just walk away and know you deserve much better than what just presented itself to you in someone else’s behavior?

If it’s the same shit different story than why bother? Loyalty and trust is earned. Once it is broken it is very hard to get back. Those that choose to betray and abuse trust are better left to their own devices.

Silence and a refusal to play the betrayal game is closing a door to something you do not deserve and opening a space for something much more precious.

A loyal friend is worth over a thousand fakes – give me one of those any day.