Badass Memes… 

Alignment Most of the time humanity is so stuck in their minds and emotional turbulence that being grounded, centered and aligned is almost a myth.

Alignment means being in the present moment and open to a deeper level of consciousness that intuitively leads us into a synchronized way of living. That means we are then able to flow with energy rather than blocking it with ‘demiurge projected issues’, ‘childhood wounds’ and for many just not being in the body and stuck in our heads.

Creativity comes from alignment, new ideas and more spontaneous actions that arise from a neutral and knowing space.

This is when we have revelations, ‘aha’ moments and begin to take control of our realities by knowing what to do next.

Most of us rush into making decisions because we are stuck, frustrated or life is forcing us to move. Decisions made from fear or anger rarely succeed. If we are able to hold space for ourselves and trust in divine timing then the aligned decision will present itself. A decision made from that space holds far much more power because it is synchronized with our intuitive truth.

Sometimes these decisions are tough. Maybe a situation we have been hanging onto needs to go or we need to vocalize something however it can also be fun or moving us deeper into our purpose.