Badass Memes… 

The minute we step away from the norm, the system & we begin to hear our calling we are tested. Choosing a path beyond social conditioning and what we ‘want to be when we grow up’ conflicts with the belief systems of many.

Many people come and see me for help on their healing sovereign journey. Some have been on the healing path for years, others have been through horrific trauma and many are black sheep and misfits.

We all have our issues and some are much tougher than others. Stay away from those who judge, attack and persecute with no reflection of their own actions – these people are not ready to step up into their power and live their life in alignment to their own purpose. They are not focused on how they can help, what they can do to create harmony and peace around them but are lashing out from a fear based matrix system.

It is always better to move beyond the trappings of even trying to communicate with someone like that in order to regain balance. Until they can look at themselves they will never change. This requires moving beyond ego and into self.

We all have an ego – mine can be very naughty but it’s not who I am and I know it, but on planet earth she likes to come out and play. When I work with clients I am fully aware that I am providing a space and a conduit for deep healing to take place.

Our true sovereign essence is a sentiency beyond matrix conditioning based on the love we hold within our hearts. Your connection within is way beyond the fear based conditioning and projections of others.

Seek those who ‘feel’ you, those that ‘see’ beyond you and into your soul – those are the people who you meet on a frequency level of love and connection. The others? They will find their own tribe who enjoy the drama of attack and control.

You are not that – it’s a matrix game… Keep your heart, keep your soul and love your spirit..