Angel Evolution Ascension

'A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules'
Metaphysical Healing
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Angel Evolution Ascension

Angel Evolution is an awakening happening right now on Gaia. Angels have always been part of human mythology and legends however it is now that they are initiating the conscious revolution needed to assist humanity in a Gaia evolution before she is lost to us. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Gaia is heading for a destruction so vast that nature and animals will be wiped out if something isn’t done now. We have incarnated into an age where corporations hold us technological hostage whilst they continue to rape and destroy our natural resources.  Angel Evolution is divine intervention and it’s happening now.


The Timeline Switch

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Nature Evolution

Nature Evolution is a permanent interconnectedness with Gaia 
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Sentient Evolution

Sentient Evolution is a permanent sentient soul return
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Rose Essence

Rose Essence is a permanent return of the rose aura ascension


Timeline Evolution - The Matrix Hack
Metaphysical Healing

Angel Evolution Timeline

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Timeline Evolution Angelic Intervention

A metaphysical healing replaces your former timeline with a sentient timeline. It extracts you from your old reality and transfers you onto your Soul Purpose Ascension, sentient timeline. Once this is complete, the previous obstructions that were in place preventing you from connecting with your higher calling disperse. This allows you to begin your soul purpose mission.

Humanity has been living under enforced unconsciousness for lifetimes. Angel intervention is the pathway back to sentient liberation and transfers your power back to you.


How a Session Works

Contact Abi

Contact Abi by email to book a session. Abi will organise a time and date.


Abi uses Signal for encryption and privacy. Sentient transmissions are sacred and must be protected.

Session is 60-90 Minutes

Your sessions lasts 60-90 minutes. Please allow time after the session to 

Angel Training Courses – Coming Soon

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Matrix Advancements


Hacking the matrix is an enormous mission. Abi has successfully hacked the Metaphysical Human Matrix. This Matrix is completely eliminated from our physical and energetic infrastructure. This has not been achieved anywhere else. However after 6 and half years of this jailbreak mission, there is more to remove and return in order to be completely free. Sign up here for more news.