‘An Energy Alchemist shines light into darkness, dissolves the parts that are frozen and melts the ice so that love can flow again…’

Alchemy Secrets: Challenges

It is a real challenge in our modern day world to really understand who we truly are as we live in a world that conditions us to think and act in a certain way. Most people are totally confused and find it really difficult to believe that this is ‘their lot’. Less people are able to accept the terms and conditions projected on them from parenthood, school, and society which manifests as beliefs and programs that are imprinted on them from an early age. It is my belief that this is why we live in a world of ‘quick fix’ and ‘self-medication’. An Alchemy Treatment addresses these problems and digs beneath to find the real ‘you’.

Alchemy Secrets Limitations

Ultimately when we are born we are naturally connected to source energy. Children if allowed to figure things out for themselves, are in touch with their inner beings and parents, teachers, authority figures, if in alignment with their beings would allow the differences, individuality and creativity to flourish. Unfortunately, for most people this is not the case, We are no longer used to trusting our own instincts. Therefore we are conditioned to believe that we have to conform to a set of ‘rules and limitations’ that repress and eventually block our authentic beings and purpose on this planet. By the time children have evolved into adults many are totally confused, disconnected and living in a way that is causing them dysfunction and chaos. In order to exist in such a harsh reality we develop coping mechanisms to survive, whether it is to turn into a robot, people pleaser, rebel, criminal or couch potato, everyone is looking for a way out.

Alchemy Secrets: The Purpose

As an Energy Alchemist it is my purpose to cut through the stories, limiting beliefs, emotional chaos and clear the path for the inner alchemy and connection to source energy to shine through. Everyone is born intuitive and connected and has a unique gift and spiritual purpose on this planet.

‘I love my work; I get to see the beauty within, the vulnerability and the inner strength. I watch people find their center again, reconnect and align with possibilities that never occurred to them and most of all I get to access the true potential which is where the human spirit resides, the secrets and chambers of the heart.’

Alchemy Secrets: Being you

It is now scientifically proven that there are thinking cells in the heart and stomach. We are a living, thinking, breathing organism that is operating in so many multifaceted layers. Imagine being in alignment with your heart, soul, spirit and source. Imagine having a relationship with yourself that allows you to operate and function on a level beyond the fears and functions of the mind and emotions?

Alchemy Secrets: Fusion

I work with Angels and galactic beings that are connected with the Universal Life Flow. It is a gift that I discovered before I even moved into the world of energy. I have always been a pure channel. If you like, my energetic frame has the ability to vibrate with the angel frequency and allow it to radiate and transmit through the human system to activate the truth within. My life has taken many twists and turns from tarot to soul retrieval and for a few years’ exorcisms. Darkness and light, trauma and joy, all are energy and energy can be transformed. The thing about energy is it is alive in our system and a raw power that can be harnessed and utilized. Even the nasty stuff is alive and transmutable. When it is dispersed it then becomes something else and that something else is the alchemy within that raises vibration and realigns to source, self and center.

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