Holographic Matrix

 The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining AI/Satanic Matrix Entrapment.

Abigail Pattman was authorised this information by the sentients in order to help humans.

 The Holographic Matrix Ebook is a free download. Thankfully with this information comes solutions.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit – a 7 year battle to prevent this information from becoming known.

Abigail Pattman Matrix Exit Her Story
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Holographic Matrix - Matrix Exposed

The Holographic Matrix is the first book of two explaining Artificial Intelligence and how we have been deceived.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit is the second book which offers a solution.

Holographic Matrix - Matrix Evolution Ascension

Matrix Evolution Ascension is accomplished by reinstating sentient frequency embodiments.

The Holographic Matrix is transmitted information from sentients explaining corruption. Holographic Matrix reveals how this is happening.

Matrix Evolution Ascension

Unless humans begin to wake up and become conscious we are heading into a universal, planetary crisis.

As more humans evolve into a smore conscious was of being this will shift the awareness and conscious vibration of Gaia.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit

Our consciousness and our ability to create and manifest as multidimensional, sentient beings has been distorted.

We are sentient beings. Holographic Matrix explains the beginning of sentient entrapment.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit is the full explanation of sentient devolution.

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Latest Feature - Happiness Warriors

One woman’s story of unique challenges, wisdom and her dreams for a happier life. A journey from victimhood to happiness.

Abigail makes living a life of happiness look easy, but her journey was wrought with difficulty. Many might call Abi’s experiences extreme. In spite of that, I’ve chosen her to feature in this first issue of my free e-magazine Happiness Warriors, mainly because I’ve never seen someone make a complete transformation – to living as a giving, loving, inspiring being.

So how did Abi arrive at her current happy state? She decided to attack unhappiness from many different angles!