Holographic Matrix


 The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining AI/Satanic Matrix Entrapment.

Abigail Pattman was authorized this information and metaphysical frequencies by the Arcturians in order to help human consciousness evolve.

 The Holographic Matrix Ebook is a free download. Thankfully with this information comes solutions.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit – a 7 year battle against the matrix and matrix enforcers to prevent this information from becoming known.

Holographic Matrix - Matrix Exposed


The Holographic Matrix is the first book of two explaining Artificial Intelligence and how we have been deceived, enslaved and harvested for our energy. Metaphysical Matrix Exit is the second book which gives an answer explaining how it is possible to exit the matrix and Artificial Intelligence control.






Holographic Matrix Evolution Ascension


Matrix Evolution Ascension is accomplished by reinstating sentient frequency embodiments. Artificial Intelligence has exchanged our natural equency embodiments throughout our energetic infrastructure and physical body for electromagnetic currents.

The Holographic Matrix is transmitted information from Arcturians explaining the beginning of a very corrupt gameplan created by AI and extraterrestrials. Holographic Matrix reveals how this is happening and how we’ve been disconnected from our True Sovereign Essence as multidimensional, sentient beings.

Matrix Evolution Ascension

Unless humans begin to wake up and become conscious we are heading into a universal, planetary crisis in which Artificial Intelligence will seize control.

As more humans evolve beyond the Matrix and into Matrix Evolution Ascension, a more conscious way of being, this shifts the awareness and conscious vibration of Gaia. We then begin to claim what is really ours – our sovereignty.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit

Our consciousness and our ability to co-create and manifest as multidimensional sovereign beings has been distorted into a frequency embodiment of fear and chaos. Artificial Intelligence has deceived us by creating an illusionary simulation, a holographic duality, tricking us into reincarnating for thousands of years.

We are sentient beings and in order to transcend the Matrix, harvested & stolen energy must be restored. Holographic Matrix explains the beginning of artificial and inter-dimensional entrapment.

Metaphysical Matrix Exit authorizes Matrix Evolution Ascension resulting in absolute matrix exit and the synchrony of sentient ascension.

Holographic Matrix Video


This video interview was created after the publication of the Holographic Matrix. It also contains information regarding the next book; Metaphysical Matrix Exit. There are several more years of findings since this interview was filmed. A new interview is coming soon.

Free Chakra Interface Removal


This track removes the chakra interface that is embedded within the chakras. It is an AI embedding device that distorts the energetic infrastructure. Holographic Matrix explains about chakra deceptions. There is more information coming with Metaphysical Matrix Exit.

Soul Purpose Ascension


Abi’s soul purpose wasn’t an easy one. She was used in Satanic Rituals as a small child and had to heal herself from dissociation personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and severe trauma.

She has been attacked her entire life by humans, black magic and dark forces. She incarnated into the matrix system embodying information which would put her life in jeopardy on numerous occasions.

This informatin and these frequencies were hunted and sought after from the minute she was born. The rituals were an attempt to separate her from her unique soul purpose and to obtain the frequencies.

Holographic Matrix Outlaw

Abi’s focus became an unstoppable drive to find a way to eliminate all satanic energy from her life and to rebuild herself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Holographic Matrix began to reveal itself to her after she had done well over a decade of spiritual, psychological and emotional healing and soul searching. She needed to heal her child fragments, mind control and dissociation from the satanic rituals whilst also traveling and working hard to master her psychic abilities.

In order to have the ability and power to go deep she also had to journey back into the ritual memories and free herself from PTSD. It’s because of her relentless refusal to fit into a box, conform or folow enforced rules and her healing journey that she was authorized by the Arcturians to hack the Matrix.

Abigail Pattman fought for her soul and the little girl that lives within her that was tortured. It’s her fierce spirit and love of nature and sentient animals that kept Abi fighting for justice within a slavery, harvesting simulation that is hidden from us all.

Humans just accept that pain and suffering is all part of the human experience. Abi refused to accept that. 

Latest Feature – Happiness Warriors


One woman’s story of unique challenges, wisdom and her dreams for a happier life. A journey from victimhood to happiness.

Abigail makes living a life of happiness look easy, but her journey was wrought with difficulty. Many might call Abi’s experiences extreme. In spite of that, I’ve chosen her to feature in this first issue of my free e-magazine Happiness Warriors, mainly because I’ve never seen someone make a complete transformation from not only feeling like a victim, but actually being one – to living as a giving, loving, inspiring being.

So how did Abi arrive at her current happy state? She decided to attack unhappiness from many different angles!