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After being in retreat working like a lunatic on a matrix hack mission it’s time to get back ‘out there’!

 Welcome to Abi TV. It’s time to start sharing what I have learned.  

Hacking the matrix sucked big time. It was the most challenging life experience ever. I felt like shit most of the time. To make it even worse, only a small amount of people actually believed in what I was doing. Everyone else treated me like I was an idiot.

Unfortunately stockholm syndrome didn’t apply to satanists who kbnew exactly what I was doing and the last 7 months of matrix hacking became absolute hell as cults and rituals battled me in an attempt to takover and steal the entire 7 years of work I’d sacrificed my life to obtain.

Abi’s Story

Abi’s story – the beginning of a very dark path in order to find her way home.

Abi TV Abi's Story - Continued...

Continuing the story. Abi goes deeper into the matrix hack and talks about her discoveries. At this point in time she had absolutely no idea that hacking the matrix would take several more years

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Abi TV her Soul Purpose Ascension in progress


Abi explored the spiritual path for many years learning tarot, meditation, yoga and many healing modalities along the way. She became known for her healing gift with angels and also for her ability to remove dark energy and clear black magic attacks.

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Abi TV Learn How to use a Pendulum


The pendulum is a tool for accessing your intuition.

Here’s the beginning steps…

A more advanced pendulum movie coming soon! Make sure you have your Yes and No sorted 🙂


Abi TV New Age Rant

Spiritual bypassing and the delusional reality new age encourages in order to manipulate spirituality.  New Age was a massive disappointment for Abi  as she delved into the spiritual path.

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Abi TV Abigail's Insights Abigail Pattman
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