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After being in retreat working like a lunatic on a matrix hack mission it’s time to getback ‘out there’…

years is a long time

Now it’s time to start sharing what I have learned with of course… A few more New Age Rants!!



Keeping it Real…


New Age Rant 

We have to get past New Age Dogma and the passive agressive tricks that keep us blaming ourselves and hiding from our shadow.

Energy in motion… ‘Emotions’ it’s ok to have the full spectrum and speak your truth. 


Abi TV – The Matrix Hack


Below is the interviews regarding the Matrix and it’s white light deception and many illusions. The full length and for those that want bite sized watch time it has been separated…

This main movie is an explanation on the Chakra deception…

More interviews coming soon!!!



Learn How to use a Pendulum


The pendulum is a tool for accessing your intuition.

Here’s the beginning steps…

A more advanced pendulum movie coming soon! Make sure you have your Yes and No sorted 🙂



Abigail in Action…


From Tarot Readings, Reiki, Yoga teacher, Theta Healing, Holographic Kinetics to hacking the matrix and Sovereign Symbiosis.

Here’s Chico describing his experience and some movies meeting Abi and showing her in action xxx



News for the Soul


 The Holographic Matrix


 The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the return to sovereignty and AI/Satanic Matrix Entrapment.


Abigail embodied the frequencies and information via consciousness transference from the Arcturian Galactic Confederation.


Here is the free Ebook – not for the faint hearted!!


Thankfully with this info comes solutions.



New Page!!

The Matrix Evolution Ascension Sequencing A Frequency Embodiments!!

More  Blogs Coming Soon!


‘EXPOSING THE MATRIX.’ Unraveling the lies we exist within. 

The New Age Shaman

    Shaman – Give me a break!!     My god. If I bump into another new age ‘shaman’ I’m going to puke. It’s like this name – shaman; this magical amazing name has been taken by any ‘slightly psychic human’ and bastardized completely. Frankly, it's a...

Amrita Easy Detox – Healthy Body Happy Soul

    Amrita Easy Detox - Health made Simple   Why Amrita Easy Detox is for me.   The benefits of detox are very real. However, there are also lots of fads, myths, and empty promises out there. I’ve finally found an all-natural, gentle detox program which...

My Father was a Sociopath – Satanic Ritual Abuse

    I don’t have a PHD.   I’m not a scientist or a psychologist that can explain intellectually what is going on in the brain of one of these sick fucks. I can however share my experience of having been around a sociopath and the effect it’s had on my life....

Feminine Energy – the Return of Lilith

 Feminine Energy - The Return of Lilith   THERE IS A RETURN OF THE FEMININE ENERGY RIGHT NOW. Thank fuck for that. For those of you struggling with the return of her; I’m here to let you know you are not alone. Feminine energy, her divine source is our...

Disconnection Starving for Love

 Disconnection Starving for LoveDisconnection starts young these days. The earlier it starts the easier it is to manipulate and control human beings. Let’s face it we as humans know endless ways of torturous cruelty on everything we lay our hands on....

Sovereign Symbiosis
























I am so happy I found your channel! A true Warrior Goddess! I love how authentic & real you are. So much love extended your way.’

Syd Syd. YouTube

Haha this woman is amazing. Bless you. FINALLY SOMEONE I AGREE WITH.’

Briyanna Cribb. YouTube

Such a lovely accent! I was into the New Age for years but (seriously) ended up with a nervous breakdown from REPRESSING every single negative thought, since I was taught that my thought could change the universe. Only 3 years with a psychiatrist taught me to accept ALL my thoughts, not just the positive polarity.

ArizonaWillful. YouTube

Boom, bang!!! Time to wake up, heal, get into Action! I like that!!! I know what you talking about it! Am sick of all the crap that is going on...’

Martha Eakin. YouTube

I just subscribed to your channel (and other friends) and saw this, so watched it again.’

Manisha Maya. YouTube

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