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Arcturian Healing is for those of you that refuse to live a mediocre life.The empaths, misfits and rebels that want Matrix Evolution Ascension.


It’s time for a Matrix jailbreak. 


Your soul purpose has been hidden from you!! I found mine. Now it’s time to find yours.


‘There has to be a Revolution. A Revolution Of Consciousness’


 Abi xx

Arcturian Healing Video

Here’s a video on energy and what I do. 

If you need any help with psychic clearing this is your woman.


‘She’s a super cosmic yet grounded, no bullshit capricorn, powerful angelic soul who has truly earned her stripes as a real psychic alchemist healer, through her own intense life experiences & many years of training.


It’s a rare healer who has this kind of capacity. Infinite blessings to you Abi’



Arcturian Frequency Embodiments Videos


These Arcturian Frequency Embodiments are Arcturian healings  giving a taste of an Arcturian Sovereign Unification Healing with Abi.

Lie down, relax, close you eyes,  and listen to the end for maximum healing…

Arcturian Healing: Sovereign Dimension Infinite Evolution

This track incorporates Arcturian Sovereign Dimension Infinite Evolution Theta 963Hertz Infinite Light Body Frequency Embodiments aligning the Light Body within the Sovereign Dimension and throughout the Sovereign Human Matrix.

Sovereign Dimension Infinite Evolution transmits Infinite Light Body Frequencies synchronizing ascending frequencies that heal, restore and return Sovereign Unification throughout the Sovereign Human Matrix.

Sovereign Dimension Infinite Evolution unifies Matrix Evolution Ascension initiating Sovereign Unification within the Light Body, aligned with 963Hertz Higher Dimensional Frequencies. These frequencies transmit the higher, dimensional frequencies and activations that are required in order to ascend into Sovereign Unification.

Infinite Evolution initiates Sovereign Unification throughout our Sovereign Human Matrix.

Solfeggio is an infinite, Ascending Frequency that the Arcturians transmit and initiate unification Frequency Embodiments synchronizing Matrix Evolution and Sovereign Ascension throughout the Sovereign Human Matrix enabling restoration and unification throughout our fragmented form.

Arcturian Healing: Sovereign Light Body Soul Activation

This track incorporates Arcturian Sovereign Light Body Soul Activation Transmission Theta 963Hertz Infinite Light Body Frequency Embodiments activating the Soul within the Light Body and throughout the Sovereign Human Matrix.

Sovereign Light Body Soul Activation Transmission transmits Infinite Light Body Frequencies unifying ascending frequencies that synchronize activations restoring and returning Sovereign Unification throughout the Sovereign Human Matrix.

Light Body Soul Activation Transmission unifies Matrix Evolution Ascension restoring the Light Body Soul within the Physical Body, aligned with 963Hertz Higher Dimensional Frequencies. These frequencies transmit the activations and restoration that is required in order to heal and ascend into Sovereign Unification.

These activations initiate Sovereign Unification within our Physical Body and throughout our Sovereign Human Matrix.

Solfeggio is an infinite, Ascending Frequency that the Arcturians transmit and initiate unification Frequency Embodiments synchronizing Matrix Evolution and Sovereign Ascension throughout the Sovereign Human Matrix enabling restoration and unification throughout our fragmented form.

A wonderful healing powerful beyond measure.


‘Thank you for shining your light so brightly in the field of service to help us all discover who we truly are and radiate our magnificence.


Your work is effective, transformative and a cut above the rest’



The Holographic Matrix


 The Holographic Matrix is the first book explaining the return to sovereignty and AI/Satanic Matrix Entrapment.


Abigail embodied the frequencies and information via consciousness transference from the Arcturian Galactic Confederation.


Here is the free Ebook – not for the faint hearted!! Thankfully with this info comes solutions; Arcturian Healing.

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Badass Memes

As you evolve you’ll make a lot of people uncomfortable. Evolve anyway.

Badass Memes: Boundaries

Boundaries… Basically how much will you tolerate from another human? Because boundaries are where you draw the line to what is appropriate and acceptable to you.

Respect and boundaries go hand in hand… if someone disrespects your boundaries and reacts in a toxic way you just found out where their respect for you ended.

If it’s someone that truly cares about you and you need to express yourself or say no to something then you guys will figure it out. Communication and expression is something that we all struggle with at times as for most of us our childhood conditioning has always been ‘do as you’re told’, ‘children should be seen and not heard’ etc This is embedded deeply into our psyche.

Redefining boundaries and learning respect and love for you is an ongoing process.

If your boundaries are violated and you say no then you have just done yourself a massive favour… An energy vampire will always find someone else. Remember your vibration, your energy and your soul truth is precious – stay on your path and true to yourself…

Quote @mindfulboundaries

Seek those who ‘feel’ you, those that ‘see’ beyond you and into your soul – those are the people who you meet on a frequency level of love and connection. The others? They will find their own tribe who enjoy the drama of attack and control.

badass memes

Badass Memes: Soul Purpose

We all have a soul purpose although many are lost because the matrix system is created via separation.

This separation isn’t just the system we live in, the unconscious vibrations around us & childhood traumas that still tell us we are not good enough and don’t deserved to be loved.

We are separated internally, energetically & from our true natural core essence and alignment. Think of being turned inside out and upside down. Ego is separated from observer, energy bodies and meridians are separated from each other… The human biological infrastructure and its systems are separated through medications, trauma, vaccinations and no longer communicate in unity.

Humans are separated and fighting about who is right – some are at war killing each other. Others are fighting about the system, what to eat, religion, health & it goes on and on…

What works for one human may not work for another. Everybody’s blueprint is different just like snowflakes – no 2 humans are the same. Our healing journeys are all unique.

This is the game of the matrix system to create isolation, disconnection, anger, hatred and judgment. As I mentioned before divide & conquer is the ultimate ploy.

There are many that are helping others with their experience and knowledge. Many feel a calling to pull away from drama & conflict, to move beyond constant pain and suffering that has no point.

If we are focused on hating and judging each other our attention is not focused on the most important person here… You and why you are here.

Everyone is healing and becoming conscious at different paces and whatever path you are on remember that who you are is hidden from you.

This matrix system is a loop in the mind & neurotransmitters that keep you away from your heart because the human heart is the biggest weapon against the world we live in.

There is a fight, a war against consciousness – those that separate and judge have missed something very special – everyone has insecurities, many have health or mental/emotional issues but deep down inside we all feel the same pain of separation – it’s through connection that healing takes place.

It’s by uniting and embracing our differences and really hearing each other that shifts occur. We are in a world where we need to start working together instead of being right or wrong. Always be open for change, shifts happen when we really start hearing instead of waiting for our turn to speak.

When we connect from the heart with an open mind we learn. The matrix loses its power. Thats sovereign synergy – thats also part of our soul purposes because the desire to create a world thats a more harmonious place is within us all.

Be unique, be different, don’t stop searching & most of all know you are not alone. Don’t buy into the matrix game.

Badass Memes

Badass Memes: The Matrix

‘So 3 years on mainly 16 hours a day; in order to remove these frequencies I have had to locate by being attacked. 8000 pages of templates later intermeshed within hundreds of Matrix systems, algorithms, coding, heavy metal infusion, electromagnetic frequencies & thousands of other AI technology the main message I have to give is you cannot fight the matrix. That is what we are programmed to do.

The frequencies that I embody are slowly removing bimolecular infusion (think the movie Avatar where the guy is disabled & is then his consciousness is transferred into a DNA genetically enhanced Avatar version of himself.

The illusion we are ‘living in’ is a highly sophisticated AI/Satanic virtual reality simulation just like Neo waking up in the movie Matrix.

In order to exit this Matrix system which is a massive mission you cannot just ‘pull of implants/et tech & microchips. Just like terminator AI reforms, rebuilds & recreates. Codes are self replicating, systems reset & software installations/programs reform which is why removals of any kind of psychic/AI attack then reform regroup & reassemble so that days/weeks later a new version of attack or drama or misery of your life is reoccurring.

In order to move beyond this a full sovereign integration & simulation avatar virtual reality transition needs to take place.

This includes, regeneration, alignment, presence, crystalline clarity & a complete biological translation of body density & cellular clearance on a chemical compound nitrogen based level.

I know I’m very close now as I can see the progress within me and existing clients; interfaces, skullcaps, pods, plugs, computers, applications, malware, botnet, spyware – you name it it’s in the templates.

One day I will be able to write the book but right now wish me luck on the return to the sovereign beings we really are because underneath all of the shit we really are capable of amazing things. We have all been targeted to live in a mundane systemized reality beyond our conscious essence and it’s the return and integration of our true energetic system blocked by these low level frequencies that is what we really are as sovereign humans… (2019)

Mission Accomplished 2021

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‘The intense session will forever be within me… I feel like I am thinking somewhat differently now.’

Katherine. Norway

‘It has made an incerdible difference already, I am really happy, calm and smiley, I seem to remember an anxious moment, but then let it go as it no longer really remains as something I feel.’

Jeanette. Australia

‘Abi is simply amazing, she was able to boost my dopamine and oxytocin levels, both of which had been depleted for years, in just two short sessions! I highly recommend that you book a session with Abby to bring back your energetic balance.’

Richard. Switzerland

‘I came across Abi in 2017 when I was researching the false chakra system. Honestly, it is the best thing that has happened to me by far.Since then I have had a few more sessions, and after each one my awareness has expanded, and my connection with Self has deepened.’

Leo Aggarwal. UK

‘Abi is great. A real specialist..’

Ken. Holland

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